Sitemap - 2022 - Still Standing

Harry: 'I've always felt like this was a fight worth fighting for'

‘Is it time to stop being so obsessed with Harry & Meghan?’

‘Hands up, who loves Christmas?’

‘I’m depressed at the moment, but who isn’t?’

‘Men are attracted to beauty, women are attracted to power’

‘Stop being so nice all the time!’

‘Don’t look back in anger…’

‘Want to quit a bad habit? Take up a new habit instead’

‘Hey, how was your week?’

‘People are just people’

‘How to stay happy’

Happy Annie-versary and an official farewell to Queen Elizabeth II

‘How woke culture exposed a deep-seated racism in me’

‘It’s a Happy New Year for me and for you (and for Liz Truss*)’

‘I’m not as pretty as other women and I never will be’

'I'm getting used to being inconvenienced and you should too'


‘If you don’t have children, do you ever really grow up?’

‘Sales are a scam... let me tell you why’

'The Instagram Diet'

‘Job rejection taught me how to pivot’

‘Position yourself to celebrate’

'Yes, I was alone; no I wasn't lonely...'

‘Once upon a time I dated an unb*liever and this is what I learned…’

‘Believe you’re there before you get there’

‘So you got dumped…now what?’

'I'm too easily offended'

This is what faith looks like...

‘I don’t need a man, but I want one…and that’s okay’

‘Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning…'

‘I’m divorced, but I still believe in marriage’

‘I’m childless but not childfree’

‘Why do I need to love my job?’

‘I never wanted to be ordinary…’

‘Start as you mean to go on’

‘Divorce is being made easier but is that a good thing?’

‘This is what joy looks like’

‘I don’t own a house but I do have my health’

‘It rains on all of us’

‘Are those your divorce boots?’

'The women in my life have made me who I am'

'Your ex-husband did you a favour'

‘You deserve better’

‘Why I’m giving up the right to be right’

‘Don’t talk to me about procrastination, I am queen of the thing’

‘Let's be honest, Christians are the real "undateables"’

‘I hate winter but I’d happily be on a ski slope right now’

‘I’m no longer a slave to the 'gram’

‘My life is not a rom-com and I’m not sad about it’

‘There’s something better than a “Happy New Year”...’