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I am a thirty-something Millennial and I would have a teenager now if I hadn’t been “encouraged” to have an abortion at 18. I would have a child now if I hadn’t lost a baby through neo natal death and the inefficiencies in the NHS. And I would have a husband now if he hadn’t divorced me following the trauma of aforementioned baby loss - the second one. So far, so much failure!

I’m now a writer, a creative director and TV show host. I can usually be found wearing clothes most Christians would find inappropriate and trying to convince people to try orange wine. It sounds so cheesy to say this but I really do love Jesus and believe He came that we might have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10). Life is wild and beautiful - Desiderata describes it perfectly.

In 2019 I gave a TEDx Talk on debunking the myth of success and I wrote a book on the same topic of success in 2020. That was also just after I’d moved into my first ever apartment by myself. I drew a fancy mural on the wall which got picked up by Apartment Therapy and ended up featuring in their house tours section.

In 2021 I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, had an operation in which I lost one of my ovaries and a sh*t ton of blood. I then had chemotherapy and lost my hair, partial hearing in one ear and way too much weight.

So yeah there’s that, but as my fellow Nigerians say: We move.

I love my life and I’m proud of myself, but sometimes I just want to curl into a tiny ball and shut out the rest of the world. You too? Okay then I guess we’re in this together.

Love Tola Doll Fisher x

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Observations from a Christian millennial who is NOT winning at life. (Featuring baby loss, divorce, cancer and occasionally skiing in a bikini.)


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