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I'm sure you're right. I'm far to cynical about Valentine's Day, but it's exactly a week before my birthday. My husband used to call this 'Melantine's Week', and would give me a gift on every day. After a few years of being broke, that practice also died! ha. Tonight I will make him his favourite meal, though. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day no matter what you do. x

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Hey, thanks for the love on my comment to Matt. I woke up thinking I ought to review what I said to him and maybe fix it. What happened was my granddaughter, about your generation, pulled me away from my commenting and my Valentine away from her project to keep us current with an episode of Stranger Things. But your morning mai love cancelled my worry about the comment needing fixing, so I enjoyed reading your Valentine’s Day post instead, and here’s my comment on your post: If you find a keeper Valentine have kiddos, because an unanticipated benefit can be granddaughters who will keep you up to date, too, so you age more gracefully.

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